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Preschool learning sites: Starfall

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We have used Starfall for handwriting sheets and coloring pages, but they have so much more to offer.

Preschoolers can learn their ABCs, do online activities, listen to number songs, beginning reading,

It use to be a free site but now has a membership area that costs money and allows you more access to the different areas of the site:

Home Membership $35
One account for use by member's immediate family. Not valid for schools, businesses, or other organizations. 365 days.

Teacher's Membership $70
One Teacher and up to 6 simultaneous students. Teacher may use in classroom and authorize one computer at home. Media lab not permitted. Not valid for student home use. No Class List. 365 days.

Classroom Membership $150
One Classroom at school. 1 Class List. Media Lab is not permitted unless school has only one classroom per grade level. Teacher may authorize a computer at home. Not valid for student home use. 365 days.

School Membership $270
One school campus. Media Lab(s) and classroom computers permitted. Multiple Class Lists. Each teacher from that school may authorize a computer at home. Not valid for student home use. 365 days.

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Preschool learning sites: Starfall
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