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Appropriate video games for preschool children

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Obviously, screen time should be monitored and limited for preschool children but if you're trying to figure out appropriate video games they can play, check out the website https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-lists. Common Sense Media is great for parents because not only do they have great recommendations, parents can also get a breakdown of concerns and best features in the product reviews.

Any video game that gets kids moving is ideal. The more interactive, the better. Video games that promote physical activity encourage kids to get up and move. Our family has enjoyed playing Wii sports games because they include ping pong, bowling, basketball, and yoga to name a few.

Video games that are educational can be beneficial too. Try to stick with well known organizations like PBS or Sesame Street. Their family friendly games will be sure to entertain and teach in a fun way.

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Appropriate video games for preschool children
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