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Games and activities for a dinosaur preschool theme

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Most preschool kids love dinosaurs and it's easy to incorporate the idea into a lesson theme.

Start off the lesson by talking about dinosaurs during circle time. Ask children how many kinds of dinosaurs there are and what they ate. Explain how there were dinosaurs who ate meat (carnivores), dinosaurs who ate plants (herbivores), and dinosaurs who ate both (omnivores). Read a book about dinosaurs. A good one would be National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs. If you want to read a silly dinosaur book, I personally recommend the "How Do Dinosaurs...." series.

Set up a dinosaur dig by hiding small plastic dinosaurs in a sandbox.

Create dinosaur feet by cutting the shapes from a cereal box, then wrapping in tape (duct tape would work best) with the toes being covered in a different colored tape. Make a strap by folding a long piece of tape in half and taping it to the bottom of the feet. Use velcro dots to fasten dino feet to kid feet. Several dots make them adjustable so all the kids can try them out. Now roar and stomp around like a dinosaur!

Fill a baking sheet with baking soda. Pour some vinegar, blue food coloring and peppermint extract (to mask the vinegar smell) into a small plastic container. Make the dinosaurs go into the pond to get their feet wet and then have them walk around in the baking soda. Voila - dinosaur feet tracks!

Play a mommy and baby dinosaur game with cards that have color coordinated pictures of mommy dinosaurs on one set of cards and pictures of baby dinosaurs on the other set of cards. Mommy dinosaur's children ran away. Can you help her find the babies? They look just like her. This mommy dinosaur is red. Let's look for another card that has red baby dinosaurs on it. You found them! Now let's put them together so they're reunited.

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Games and activities for a dinosaur preschool theme
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