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Getting an epidural to relief pain during childbirth: Share your story

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First baby I was set on a natural childbirth. I think it is so ingrained in us as women to be superwoman or something, but I had epidurals with both deliveries and I am GLAD that I did.The first one I had to keep pushing the button to up the meds (it was a long and difficult birth) but the second one was amazing! I was numb from the waist down and then numb for many hours after the delivery too...which was interesting trying to go to the bathroom...Anyway, epidurals are not giving up anything of the childbirth experience! If you want one, get one and don't be ashamed!


I had an epidural with 5 out of 6 of my deliveries . The first 3 did not work at all so with the 4th I said lets just see how it goes . I ended up going with no meds at all . With number 5 I was so worn out and thought lets just try , the pain was so much more intense with that labor . It worked so well and I didn't feel anything . With my last I had such a hard pregnancy and induction and was in so much pain that I decided to get one and it worked except when the babies heart rate kept dipping and they wanted me to trun from side to side , try doing that when you are numb from the waist down !!!

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Getting an epidural to relief pain during childbirth: Share your story
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