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What do you call it in your family? Dummy? Pacifier? Something else?

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we got few
pappi, stopper, nooki,


We call it bentleys sucky thing. But he only uses them if daddy's away now.


We have a couple but hardly needed them we call it a paci.


We call ours a Binky :)


My grandmother called it a "fooler"....we believe in calling everything by REAL name....ie pacificer, horse not horsey, no baby talk and it makes a great deal of difference as language develops.


Well we the parent call it " Bobos ( in spanish) but Ozzie gave it his own name " His Pampo"


Pacifier or pacie. I've heard it called a "binky" before as well. However, my son doesn't take to one anymore.


My daughter doesn't use it but we call it a chucha. I don't know how to spell it but you pronounced it ¨chew cha¨ also it's an Italian word.


We call it is pacifier or a paci in our house. My oldest daughter called her pacifier a "peepa" because she couldn't pronounce it properly so the whole family started to call it that too.

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What do you call it in your family? Dummy? Pacifier? Something else?
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