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Best clothes for a baby with fat legs

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Well I am a pro at chunky legged babies !! LOL All my boys have been big chunky boys . I have found stretchy things to be the best kid of clothes for them . Noah mostly wears onsies and the little stretchy cotton pants . I don't do jeans or anything like that on him right now , they are always tight in the legs or if I get a bigger size then they are to big in length . Carters seems to fit him well and Old Navy . Old Navy has always worked well for my boys their clothes seem to be made a little wider !!


Lucas has very chunky thighs, so sometimes it's hard to find onsies for him that won't be too tight around his legs. We either buy one size too big if it's a onsie we love so much and have to buy! Or we like the onsies that are like shorts on the bottom instead of underwear style. The shorts style have more room for his fat legs!!! We also are starting to buy actual outfits more than onsies though. So we can find shorts and pants that fit him well. :)

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Best clothes for a baby with fat legs
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