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Where to find cheap early pregnancy and ovulation tests

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I use the $1 dollar store like Dollar Tree to buy tests for early pregnancy. They also sell ovulation tests. I've always found them very accurate for me. Wal-Mart also sells tests for 88 cents which also seem to be just as accurate. I know a lot of women who are trying to conceive buy testing strips online in bulk so they can test to their heart's content.


Shortly after getting probably the 20th (seriously) negative test, I found a site online that you could buy test strips in bulk. I think i got 500 test strips for like $30. It was ridiculously cheap and because I had so many, I could feed my need to test repeatedly.

It wasn't until I started trying for my daughter that someone told me to get my pregnancy tests at the dollar store.

The Dollar Store also sells Ovulation tests too!

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Where to find cheap early pregnancy and ovulation tests
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