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Feeling pregnant, but I'm not!

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This is a really hard topic, There are a few things to remember - 1. Some early pregnancy signs CAN be signs of BAD PMS, and 2. Sometimes when we want something hard enough, our brains try to bridge the gap...

1.) Symptoms like fatigue and high emotions can be signs of PMS, and until you've missed a period, PMS is more likely. Even some symptoms like nausea/vomiting can be from PMS, too.

2.) Sometimes when we want something bad enough, and it's all we think about we start to piece things together differently...instead of breasts being tender because we wore a bra for 18 hours that day - we jump to pregnancy. We don't always consider the fact that some early pregnancy symptoms can be easily explained by natural hormone/cycle changes.

Not to say getting in tune with our bodies is bad, I'm just saying that once you've convinced yourself you're pregnant, it's really hard to realize and cope with the fact that you're not.


I never missed a period in my life. I haven't had my period since February. Went plenty of times to the doctor, did home preg test and all is negative. But I had cancer 3 years ago and the doctor says that it could be the damage showing now. He put me back on the pill and told me to drink it for 3 months and one month without drinking the pill. After that we can strat getting pregnant.


I feel like this happens to me every other month. I have always had irregular periods so for me it's so hard to tell if I'm just late or pregnant. I hate getting my hopes up every time only to find out I'm not.


i missed my period last month. This month my hubby and I had relations. I feel I've been having preg symptoms yet this month there's no signs of a period. I have been taking home preg test an they keep saying negative.


Feeling pregnant even though I'm not has happened to me a ton of times, especially before I'd had a confirmed pregnancy so I wasn't sure exactly what pregnancy symptoms would feel like, just a list to go off.

In the days when my period became irregular, then switched to that approx. 6 week cycle, in weeks 4-6 I was constantly thinking I was pregnant. I would in turn get nauseous, I had sore boobs (PMS I guess), weird skin, the works.


About oh I'd say 2 months ago I missed a period with all pregnancy symptoms there, took a test it was negative.


I have taking two home pregnancy test both negative, but I have all the symptoms.


I missed my period for two months now almost three and the tests keep coming up negative. I am having early pregnancy symptoms but I dont want to get my hopes up and then not be pregnant.

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Feeling pregnant, but I'm not!
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