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Feed your baby: how to introduce solid food

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I tried to go the "baby-led weaning" whenever possible. She was food that age appropriate, but not pureed. And although my mother encouraged serving baby cereal, I gently resisted after the first or second time. Nutritionally useless garbage that it is; I'd rather give baby some sliced banana or avocado rolled in wheat germ (makes it easier to handle). Baby- led weaning reminds you "Food before one is just for fun."


I intend to practice baby led weaning this time around. What that means basically is that you skip spoon feeding baby food and offer safe cut up and soft finger foods when baby can pick them up to feed herself. Usually in this case you rely on breastmilk or formula as the main nutrition until well past 6 months of age- which is supported by the WHO and AAP. Solid foods are offered, but it's not expected that they will become a major source of nutrition right away.


I had gotten a book about how to make fun foods for kids and I told myself that as soon as my son was eating solid foods, I would do this for him.He wasn't impressed.I was crushed, but I was also secretly OK with it.


We usually feed our babies pureed food or food off our plate until over a year old, except for finger foods like Cheerios, cut up bananas

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Feed your baby: how to introduce solid food
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