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Where did you deliver your child/children

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I delivered my son at the hospital where I was born (small town one hospital haha) There were so many people having kids that week I'm just glad I didn't get put in a room with another laboring woman


I had my 3rd baby at the same hospital I was born at!


I delivered all of my babies in the hospital . I always felt safer being there in case anything happened while I was delivering . With my second son the cord was wrapped around his neck when his head came out and it could have been really scary if we had not been at the hospital where they knew right what to do and how to help him because he wasn't breathing . With my last 3 the hospital I delivered at was great . You can have things your way for the most part . I also used a midwife , I think they are much more in tuned to the mother and baby .


I had my son at Freeman West 1 hour from were i live and when i got there they told me that i had to deliever him then and there and i was only at a 2 dial. or i would die or i could try to live and struggle for 1 more week ,long story short tho he lived and so did i lol and he was in the nicu for 3 1/2 weeks


My first two babies were delivered in a hospital...then I did a home-birth with midwives for my third child.

Baby #4 was due right at Christmas time, so

we went to a midwife birthing program at a Phoenix hospital that was highly recommended to me. Baby #5 was another home delivery with midwives,

I definitely recommend using midwives, whether you decided to deliver in at home, at a birthing center or in a hospital.


I have had all mine in the hospital.


Both my girls where born in the hospital. My oldest was delivered by a WONDERFUL midwife and my 2nd was delivered by a unbelievably awesome OB

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Where did you deliver your child/children
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