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Eczema in toddlers: how it changes as kids grow

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Autumn has Atopic dermatitis(infant eczema) .Eczema is caused when the body makes too few ceramides. Ceramides are the fatty cells which help provide the barrier protection to the skin. If you don’t have enough of them, the skin will lose water and become very dry. Heredity is a big factor. Autumn's dad has a family history of Eczema. I use Baby aveeno, warm/cool baths to prevent dry itchy skin.


Scratching on the skin of most children is quite normal but a constant scratching doesn’t seem to be, and that’s what happens to 3 of my boys. They have eczema, and it has been passed on from their father, which means they are more likely to get it.

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Eczema in toddlers: how it changes as kids grow
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