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First baby comes early: is it true?

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Every pregnancy is different, so this isn't true or false (at least in my opinion). Something I was told (but I don't believe 100%) is that an experienced mom is more likely to have a second, third ,etc baby come earlier. My oldest was born at 39 weeks, my 2nd was born at 40 weeks and my 3rd at 39 weeks. I'm pregnant with my 4th, so we shall see if he is early or late.


James was late. My mom told me that my older brother was around due date, my other brother was about 2 weeks late, I was about a week late, and my sister was about 3 days early.


My son was a week late


I was induced with Jonah, so he arrived 6 days early--as opposed to the seven the doc. wanted. I heard a woman goes over her due date with the first and the others come on time or early, but I have heard stories disclaiming this theory, It boils down to when the baby is ready to come out.


My due date for my son was February 11th and he came January 30th. However my doctor did say that he was full term and that I must have forgotten when my last period was. So I guess technically he was on time


My daughter came 4 weeks early....my son on due date. Daughter's first came 6 weeks early and her second at 29 weeks. No issues just early babies. thanks to great NICU nurses both boys are on target and no problems related to premature babies. One now 3 and youngest adjusted time 2 months.


My first was two and a half weeks early. The others were on time.

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First baby comes early: is it true?
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