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How to handle an unexpected emergency childbirth at home

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Ok, I had an unexpected unassisted planned home birth. We planned for a home birth, I called my midwife but our son had other plans and came before the midwife got there. She said she would have made it if she hadn't been stopped by the police for speeding....and yes she did just get a warning, thankfully, or she may have been longer.

This was my second home birth so I had already gone through one and was laboring well on my own with my hubby supplying me with cool cloths for my forehead and back of the neck. Then I started to get pushy and warned my husband he may have to catch the baby if our midwife did not arrive.

We were both calm, but the way my husband was pacing in front of the window I knew he was nervous. When I told him again he was going to have to catch the baby he was like, "But I don't know what to do!" I'm like, "Catch the baby!"

So while kneeling at our bed, I go pushy and pushed out our baby boy. Then I asked hubby to help me up so I could hold baby. That's the way I was when our midwife arrived.

The biggest advice I have is to stay calm, listen to your body and call 911. We didn't because our midwife was on her way. My unassisted birth was very satisfying because I secretly wanted to have an unassisted birth but knew hubby wouldn't go for it. :)

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How to handle an unexpected emergency childbirth at home
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