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Would you want to find out your baby's gender

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Yes because I would want to know so I can be prepared.


Yes, because I liked being prepared.


When i was pregnant with my first i did not want to find out what the sex of the baby was. i wanted to be surprised. When i gave birth i found out my baby was a girl. After i became pregnant with my second i wanted to know cause my dad said all i see is girls someone needs to have a boy. So when i was able to find out i did. Then it was i was having a boy. My dad was so happy to have a grandson. I was happy to see a smile on his after 3 grand daughters.


Yes, definitely because I want to buy the right cute stuff for my baby. If I would spend on something it has to be very useful and functional. Afterall, I wouldn't like to buy a dress for my son. :D


I always wanted to know each time I was prego! I couldn't handle the suspense of not knowing I had to know!! I do think it must be a pretty cool experience for those that choose to wait! But for me I just can't wait!!


I was one that always wanted to know mainly because I loved having a name picked out at the earliest date.


I always wanted to find out the gender of my babies . I am not patient enough to wait and I think it is a great surprise in the middle of a long pregnancy . It also helped me bond even more with my babies . we usually had a name picked out by the time we found out what we were having . I always felt like I knew my baby more when I knew what was in there and he had a name. It also made it easier to prepare for baby when we knew what to buy .


My husband and I wanted to find out. Not to plan a nursery or anything like that, we just wanted to know because we're curious people. But even more exciting than finding out the sex during the anatomy scan was just getting to see all of his growing body parts, it was amazing!


I wanna know asap! Nursery stuff to buy!


With all 14 pregnancies plus our 2 who have passed we didn't find out the gender's. We knew it was going to be a baby and that's all that mattered. I've never felt the urge or need to know the gender. Of course we had names picked out but finding the gender was never a necessity to us.

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Would you want to find out your baby's gender
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