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How to make new friends as a mom

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For me it was joining a moms group and getting into activities with other parents and kids. We started going to Gymboree classes when my daughter was just 3 months old and I was able to meet moms with kids her same age. I found a Moms group in my area online and did the same. Also if your child is school aged getting involved at school can be a great way to meet new friends


Some of the most effective ways I have made friends as a Mom is to just go to a local park and start talking to other people there! When Mason was first born, the hospital I delivered in had a new mom's class. By attending those classes I made a group of mom friends that all have babies the same age as Mason. I've also made some friends online through message boards like Moms.com and some of those friendships have even turned into real life friendships!


The best way to make new friends as a mom is to frequent places with your children. If your kids are not in school yet, head to the local town library for story time, this gives you ways to interact with other Moms and eventually form great bonds. Go to parks and playgrounds, interact with other moms there.

If your child is in school, you can start to head to local coffee shops for your morning drink, go to art shows in your local area and get out of the house as often as possible to mingle.

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How to make new friends as a mom
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