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Yes for natural birth: your experience

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I had my 4th baby completely naturally . I went into labor open to whatever I felt was right at the time . It was my longest labor at 24 hours from when my water broke to when he was born . Strangely enough it was also my easiest to manage . I stood and moved around most of my labor , I would sway back and forth and walked the halls of the hospital . If I sat or laid down the pain got really intense . It wasn't until bout the last 15 minutes when I seriously thought I was going to pass out from the pain but by that point I was pushing and he had to be deliverd by the nurse because he came so fast !!


I had my daughter naturally, she came 10 days after her due date. The labor pain was unnoticeable until I was 8cm dilated and had to sit on the bed I couldn't walk anymore, the doctor checked me and I was fully dilated while my doctor was sitting on my bed, my water broke on her, and delivery didn't take too long after that. It was a very enjoyable experience!


.giving birth without drugs is what I have strived to do and was recommended as best by my doctors and midwives with my six children. Labor and delivery is a demanding experience which required all my focus...and that of my coaches as well, but I am so thankful for the six children we enjoy, their spouses and now the beautiful grandchildren that are now arriving to enrich our lives even further with each wonderfully, vibrant personality!


I had both naturals in the hospital. But I'm thinking of doing a water birth at home for my upcoming one.

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1. My partner and I did a test drive to the hospital to see how long it really takes to get there. Okay, actually we did several test drives. At different times of day. And mapped three different routes, just in case.
Yes for natural birth: your experience
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