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What to expect at the fertility doctor?

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When I went to doctors specifically for fertility issues they asked questions- plenty of questions.

In my case, due to a very long cycle, they also drew blood to test my hormones and requested I have blood drawn around the time I 'shoud' be ovulating.

They may also ask your husband to ejaculate in a cup so they can check his sperm- it's shape, how it moves, and how many are in there.

They may also check your blood for your ANA (anti-nuclear antibody levels), various hormones, and especially if you have a high ANA and multiple miscarriages- all sorts of blood tests for things present in autoimmune disorders that can affect you, your fertility, and the future baby.


I'm nervous about going to the fertility doctor, but at the same time we want a baby and its very discouraging month after month with not even so much as thinking we are pregnantbut after 2 and a half years i think its time for medical help.

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What to expect at the fertility doctor?
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