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Making time for old friends as a mom.

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I'm very lucky to have friends who are on the same page with me. I moved around quite a bit within the last 4 years so I didn't keep in touch with a lot of old friends. When I moved to Texas 3 years ago, I met 2 really awesome ladies who planned on starting families of their own. So I can say that we talk about our experiences and get advice from each other on what to do. We all love children and worked the same classroom together with 2 year olds, but raising your own children is different than teaching them in a classroom. Some of my old friends are actually starting families of their own now, so I try to give them a little bit of advice.. things that I think would have helped me during my first delivery and breast feeding for the first time.


Once you have children your friends may change. You may find yourself wanting to be friends with other moms because your kids can play together. It's like killing two birds with one stone. You are able to keep your old friends too. It will take a little more effort especially if you are wanting to have kid free time. You will have to make plans in advance and keep them. I think it is important to make time for your friends even after you become a mom. Have a plan even if it's just inviting them over after your children are in bed to drink wine and watch a movie or just chat. I think it is possible just may take extra planning and patience from both parties.


Friends tend to change a lot throughout life. They mostly change when you get married or start having kids. Friend without kids automatically think we are not fun anymore. Hey! I'm still fun and I enjoy going out for a cocktail once in a while. Just because I'm married and have a kids doesn't mean my social life needs to stop. When I want to head out with a friend or 2, my husband or mother will watch my daughter. Moms need to let their hair down once in a while too!


When I get together with friends it's usually a play date with my friends and their kids. Sometimes it's hard to have really nice conversations, but at least I get to see them. Once every couple of months I always plan a night out with girls, no kids allowed!


I have farmer friends who are women that I talk to regularly and we have got together for farm projects.

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Making time for old friends as a mom.
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