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Thoughts for having babies at funerals

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Bringing a baby to a funeral is different for everyone. Katalina has been to numerous funerals from before she was one. She has always been well behaved at funerals so taking her wasn't an issue. She's only been to family members and close friends to the family's funerals. If you want to bring your baby then go ahead. But if your baby fusses then maybe step outside until they calm down. When my close friend passed a couple months back Juli and I went to his funeral. She was a good girl the whole time.


I went to my great grandma's funeral when I was only a month or two old. My mom and grandma said I was crying, my mom was crying and my grandma was crying. My sister didn't go, probably because she was a little bit older. If you are nursing your baby you would probably want to take your baby. I think it depends on if they are related to the person who passed away. I wouldn't bring a baby to just a friends funeral. My cousin missed my Grandma Rose's funeral because his wife was having their daughter.


I was 5 years old when my Aunt died and to this day I am still sad that my Mom didn't allow me at the funeral because we were super close and my younger cousin (younger by 7 mos) was allowed to go.

With that being said, I think taking a baby to a funeral is fine, they are not old enough, as I was at that time of age 5, to know what's going on. I think that whether you take a baby to a funeral or not would depend on a few things:

1) Would baby be disruptive to the funeral and in turn seem more distressful just in being a normal baby around those who are mourning?

2) Is Baby a relative to that person who passed?

3) Is it important to you to bring baby there for your own reasons that make sense as part of your family values/bond?

I say it's ultimately up to you, if you really are concerned, I would ask whoever is in charge of the funeral arrangements to ensure they will be okay with it, but if the baby is part of the family of the deceased then I say go for it, they have every right to be there too!


My daughter is 5 and has been to 3 funerals since she was born. My grandfather pass when she was 18 months old, my grandmother passed when she was 4 and my husbands grandmother passed just a few weeks ago. We brought her to each of these funerals. You can not push them into view the body, let it up to them. We left it up to my daughter and she went up with us and we stayed about 3 to 5 feet away from the casket at he choosing. We had Cicada bugs here the summer before and did a lot of explaining about how they left their shells, this is how we explained that their her Great Grand parents had left their shell (body) and went to heaven. We brought a iPad and ear phones for her to keep her busy during the times we were at the funerals. I'm very proud of my daughter and she did wonderful! I wouldn't be scared to take them, they really need to understand the progression of life.

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Thoughts for having babies at funerals
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