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What can you do about headaches during pregnancy

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I took regular strength Tylenol. And make sure I drank lots and I mean lots of water yeah I had to pee every 15 min but it really helped. Also stretching and laying on a yoga ball might need a little help getting up and off the ball but it sure felt good... Also Poweraid is a great thing... Gatorade has a chemical/ additive what ever you want to call it in it called "aspertaine" its in a lot of gums and other foods but it is a HUGE headache trigger. I have suffered with headaches since I was 16 migraines to... so I know a lot of things that cause them.. jsut watch out for different additives and things like that try to stay away from processed foods and those "Frozen dinner" foods. ALL of them are not so good for you and can cause headaches. Also if you could try sipping on a coke with ice... the little boost of caffeine will help. Good luck hope they go away


I spoke to my doctor about headaches and what i was told is that i am not well hydrated to drink
"gatorate, pedialyte for kids" becareful with medication only try to take tylenol and if is baby one better, he also told me which i do recommend is to take warm water with just 2 drops of lavender essential oil and a rag put it over your forehead but close to your eyes and let it sit there and repeat a few times and rest will doing that!


I agree with getting an accurate diagnosis. However, I found that the chiropractor worked wonders on my migraines, my sciatica and my babies…who all love to sit…feet first in utero!!

I had always HATED chiropractors, but I found someone who had a lot of experience with pregnant women and stuck with him. Get references and talk to your doc…but, I swear by it!!


Being a Health and Wellness Advocate, I would not and did not use medications while pregnant. I was always worried what the baby would get if they were taken.
I recently invented a health and wellness headband known as the Headgrin to relieve headaches, fevers, migraines, sinus pressure and head injuries without medication. This headband can be used by children, teens and adults. This can be used hot or cold, and can be reused and washed. It is important when you first feel a headache or migraine coming on that you immediately put a cold headband around your head. Chemicals are released in the brain and this is what intensifies the pain and goes into a Migraine. The sooner you apply cold to the affected area the faster your headache will disappear, the swelling in the vessels goes down and allows the blood to flow through properly and stops the chemical in the brain from being released.
Keep a diary of the foods that you eat. Some foods can triggering your Migraines. Many foods that you would not suspect will cause Migraines or severe headaches.
I suffered with very bad Migraines for many years till I changed my diet, took vitamins and minerals and exercised regularly. Read labels on all packages, and if you cannot pronounce the words, then you should not be eating it. Sugar and processed foods have been know to cause Migraines and headaches. Hormones too can cause Migraines and headaches, so can birth control pills. Check to seeif you have vitamin deficiencies and/or mineral deficiencies, and make sure you stick to a regular sleep and exercise schedule. If you take medications for your headache you can cause what is known as rebound headaches, so be very careful when taking them. If you would like a list of foods that are known to trigger migraines, please let me know. Hope this was helpful.


Everyone gave you some helpful advice, but I would suggest first getting an accurate diagnoses. A sinus headache could really be a migraine or could trigger a migraine. You can check out headaches.org and then talk with your doctor. The first suggestion for any type headache is to be sure you are getting plenty of restorative sleep. I would add that acupressure, acupuncture (really painless) and chiropractics.. Taking magnesium and b2 can help if it's a migraines. I had 24/7 10+ migraines throughout my pregnancy and while I was in labor, so I didn't have a choice, I had to take Vicodin throughout my pregnancy and they put me on Demerol when I was admitted for an out of control migraine (and nonstop vomiting) and they had me on Demerol for my migraine during the whole 25 hours that I was in labor. So please don't feel you are alone or without help. My son was perfect when he was born and still is at 8. Best wishes.


Headaches are no fun any time but especially during pregnancy . Make sure to stay hydrated , dehydration can cause headaches . A cool rag on your forehead or neck can also help . essential oils are really helpful in dealing with a headache also . If nothing else works as a last resort you can take Tylenol which is safe during pregnancy .If you suffer from migraines it may be wise to talk with your doctor about how to manage them best while you are pregnant .


I get terrible headaches and the only thing that makes me feel any better is sleep! I noticed the headaches get triggered on by beans, whenever I have beans my head starts pounding! So I've been trying to lay off the beans even though I get so many from WIC and being Cuban I grew up eating them...


I have terrible allergies, so I had sinus headaches from time to time during my pregnancy. Water is key! Keeping hydrated is very important while pregnant! I was told that I could take Tylenol for the pain. When Claritin wasn't enough for the allergies, I could take Sudafed for up to 3 consecutive days.


I know baby aspirin is safe, maybe even beneficial to take during pregnancy.

A warm washcloth sometimes does the trick too.


People see chirps on regular basis to help with stuff.

The adjustments help my blood flow, help my mood, help me sleep and eliminate those headaches.

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What can you do about headaches during pregnancy
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