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Friend is having a baby-how friendships change

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The biggest thing I have noticed is your parenting style. I let me son be rough and tough and get dirty and when he cries I don't always rush over and pick him up. My friends do the exact opposite. If he cries or wines they pick him up right away. We do'nt get to see each other a lot cause their LO go to bed at 7. Things change and I'm hoping they get better but we will see...


I have had a hard time relating because her kids are far from what I would allow mine to be, but this friend I adore.And then texts me last week to tell me she's having a baby.... I feel like it's really irresponsible... And I feel sad for her older daughters..I'm not there yet, I can't judge, but her 1st grader... needs her.

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Friend is having a baby-how friendships change
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