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Was your first baby early or late?

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My son had to be taken a week early but ended up being only six days early due to gestational diabetes.


Leilani was delivered on her due date. Since she passed already I waited two weeks before delivering her. So she was neither late or early. It counts but in a different way since she was a stillborn.


My first one came at 38 wks.No complications,she was 6lbs 19.5in long.Everyone was giving me all these horror stories about 16 hr labor with your first child...once my water broke it took 32 minutes lol.


My first baby came at 39 weeks . The doctor thought he was going to be really big and tried to induce me at 38 weeks after having an amnio to make sure his lungs were developed . The induction didn't work and she sent me home . If I had known better at the time I would have said no to the induction and the amnio but I was 22 and it was my first baby . He came on his own and was 8 lbs 8 oz and I didn't have any issues pushing him out !!


My firstborn son was due on November 10. I was super excited for his due date since his birthday would have been 11-10-09. I'm a nerd and love numerology stuff. Anyways, he graced us with his presence on November 4. He was almost a week early.


Late! My first and only so far, was born 10 days past her due date. I've heard that most first pregnancy's are late, but everyone is different. I'm just glad she was healthy and birthed naturally.

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Was your first baby early or late?
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