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Help for gassy breastfed baby

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I did not exclusively breast feed so my babes got formula too . When they would get gassy we always had good luck with gas drops . I know a lot of moms use gripe water also . Another good thing to try is burping them more often in during feeding to help get the gas bubbles out . Also take a look at what you are eating . Things that you eat can affect your breast milk and cause baby to have gas or tummy issues .


Charlie was only breastfed briefly, then supplemented with formula, then went exclusively with formula. I'm not sure if it's the same for breastfed babies but that was one gassy kid!

The best things that worked for him was to lay him on his back and pump his legs like he was riding a bicycle. It worked every time! Also laying him on his stomach for a few minutes, that helped too. If I walked him up and down the hall and bounced slowly before I did the bicycle and the tummy it worked the best.

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Help for gassy breastfed baby
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