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What diet changes should I make to get pregnant?

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My midwife recommended to start taking prenatal vitamins at least 3 months before you plan to get pregnant. Also you want to make sure your eating plenty of whole grain, fresh fruits and veggies and iron (especially you if you are anemic). Try to limit your intake of empty calories and sugar (junk food) and limit your intake of caffeine. But don't ever think you can't eat something. It's not bad to reward yourself with something yummy (candy, chips, etc) every now and than. Lots of luck!


I've been reading a lot of nutritional things as far as feedback goes and I want to add make sure you know the source and delivery rate of the vitamins you take or other supplements. Most vitamins in stores offer only about an 18% delivery rate and therefor create free radicals and do more harm then good. I know where you can get some with about a 76% delivery rate if your interested. And rid your home of toxins, lots a healthy foods


Avoid junk and go organic! Most people don't realize that pesticides, as added cow hormones, and other stuff injected into animals during its life even in small amounts can affect development of the growing fetus. Organics and humanely raised Animals don't allow that funny business. So its better for you before during and after pregnancy! Also before pregnancy I recommend doing a flouride detox under supervision of a doctor and after the detox using a toothpaste that says flouride free with baking soda also drinking core water which is a flouride free water brand( if your in NYC or a state where flouride is in the tap water) so the babies brain developes better when you do concieve. Flouride calcifies a part of the brain called the pineal gland it can also calcify other parts of it as well. Also after you give birth don't get fluridated baby water for that very reason. The babies teeth will be fine without it. Give it core flouride free water or any water brands that say flouride FREE not anything else like no added flouride or stuff like that because that means that the people who packages the stuff didn't add the stuff to it. Other people down the production line could have added the stuff to it.


I suggest eating more fresh fruits and veggies. Start by adding one or two serving a day and work up to eating 9-12 servings combined of fruits and veggies daily. I say this because fresh produce is a great source of all kinds of nutrients including fiber. Fiber is a great way to help digestion and to keep things flowing well, if you know what I mean. You'll also start to feel better because you won't have so much 'stuff' built up inside of you.

When starting to add fruits and veggies, eat them before you eat other 'junk' foods like chips, candy, chocolate, soda, etc. You can think of it as a reward system. Eat your fruit/veggies then you get to have desert. Enjoy!


just eat healthy, but don't put too much pressure on yourself. You have "the list" of things you can't eat and do while pregnant, so reserve the "my body is a temple" stuff for when you are actually pregnant


We also got a supplement for hubs that had high levels of selenium which helps with sperm shape (forgot the proper name for that), motility, and testosterone levels. We paired that with a super-extra Vitamin C supplement for him which some people said could help.

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What diet changes should I make to get pregnant?
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