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How to treat flea bites on children

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One thing that seems to help anything itchy on me is toothpaste, the white paste kind that dries all crusty.

I'd say there are lots of essential oils that would do wonders too, as long as it's only a little bit and is used in a carrier oil.

I dig some of the all-natural bug spray remedies like lemongrass oil

My bff introduced me to what I thought was the most amazing solution! Diatomaceous earth!


Your children may end up bit, the best way to treat flea bites on children would be to first wash it with cold water and soap. If swollen, a cold compress will help. Try to encourage your child not to itch, that can create infection.

If itchy, use Bag Balm on the areas that have been bitten.

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How to treat flea bites on children
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