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How likely is getting pregnant soon after giving birth

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Is very likely you get pregnant real soon after giving birth I gave birth on Dec.2011 I was pregnant by march2012 (4month later) .. my friend got pregnant 2 month after having her baby!


I was warned that even while using the low dose birth control (progesterone only) pills they give you to use while nursing are best when used with condoms since the hormones from breastfeeding make you so extra fertile. I don't handle hormone BC well regardless, so I didn't stay on them for long. My husband and I ended up just using condoms and had to be very vigilant. This time around I think I will get the hormone free IUD put in since we can't decide right now if we want to have a third in a few years or if we are done at 2.


It's pretty likely you'll get pregnant soon after giving birth if you don't use protection. That said, breastfeeding can for some women delay ovulation. And while you're supposed to wait a bit before having sex after birth, there are woman who've gotten pregnant very soon after--like a matter of weeks. Definitely use protection if you're not ready yet to try again.


My Ob/Gyn keeps asking me if I have decided what kind of birth control I want to be on after I deliver. I will definitely be using something due to getting pregnant so quickly after my one year old, but I'm having trouble deciding.


You are the most fertile right after giving birth(which I found out the hard way). My youngest are only 11 months apart. We weren't using birth control just condoms and one night of no kids and alcohol led to forgetting about protection and 4 weeks later found out we were pregnant again.

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How likely is getting pregnant soon after giving birth
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