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Getting pregnant after an IUD

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I did not have my IUD for very long, only about 2 months or so. My body did not do well with it. But after it was removed I was pregnant not even a month later. When they say it does not take long for the hormones to work out of your system they really mean it.


From what I know, you should be able to start trying to conceive and so so successfully immediately after having and IUD removed. That's assuming there were no complications with the IUD and you were having it removed by choice. Despite this, I've heard of many women say they've suffered with infertility for a few years after certain big name IUD's. Whether correlation or causation, however, I do not know.


After my first son (who was an "oops") i had an IUD put in. I decided to have it removed after about 4 years and was told i was completely fine and could start trying to conceive immediately! Its been about a year and still nothing! Id like to believe that the IUD had nothing to do with my issue now but seeing that i got pregnant SO quickly and out of nowhere the first time and now its such a struggle, i do have some suspicions about the IUD!


I had the IUD Mirena for 2 years. I had no children and was told that it would not hurt me later on down the road when I was ready to start having children. We have been trying for 6 months now and we still have yet to get pregnant. I wonder if I made the wrong decision getting one before having children.


I didnt have issues getting pregnant, I in fact gor pregnant with the IUD still in! NO IUD!!!!!! I had an IUD put in after I had my 2nd oldest. A year later, surprise! I was pregnant. The IUD had migrated into my ovary. Literally inside my ovary! I then became a "high risk" pregnancy because they had never seen this happen before and didn't know if it could pose a risk to me or baby. I was also told I had no chance of a VBA2C because of the IUD. SO I had a rcs and the IUD was too far imbedded in my ovary to remove at my sons birth so I had to go for postpartum surgery 6 weeks later to get it removed. There was a good chance that I could lose my ovary as well. The ovary was saved but is permanently damaged. I still have ovary pain from where the IUD was and because of the surgery to remove it I could not breastfeed my son for a few days so he ended up going to formula because I could not produce enough milk. I had so many issues. And after having this happen I have met a lot of other women, including friends who has issues as well. Some the IUD fell out, others couldn't take the side effects and some like me who got pregnant with it. I thought it was the safest, worry-less for of birth control but boy was I wrong. I am now super paranoid about any birth control! Family planning method for us now :-)


I used the IUD Mirena for 10 months. After removal i miscarried 4 LO's, and finally conceived my son. My miracle baby :) A year after my son was born I had the IUD Nexplanon (the matchstick size BC that goes in your forarm). I had that one for 11 months and decided to have it removed to try and conceive. However 11 months later, still no baby? Im lost. I will tell you that, with the Nexplanon I had little to no period. I last weight instead of gained. No acne. Best BC ever.


Is the IUD the thing that goes in your uterus? If so my sister in law had one and she said it was very painful for her if she moved a certain way or during intercourse, her husband also said it was uncomfortable for him and he could feel it also. She also had a optopic pregnancy after she had it taken out.


It wasn't easy for me to get pregnant at first, I don't want anyone thinking this young girl lucky got pregnant so young while many other married couples are struggling, I want people to understand that I struggled too for over a year

I am not sure why but I assume it was because I was on birth control for years, many different types. Mirena IUD(4 years) was the last one before TTC


after getting off of the patch it took me about 3 months to get pregnant. other forms of BC like the mirena it took me almost 2 years after being told that it might have caused infertility so it may take a little time

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Getting pregnant after an IUD
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