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What are the chances of getting pregnant with the pull out method?

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I personally DON'T believe in this whole " pull out thing" this is how baby #2 came alone!! My sister swear by this method!!!


Watch out. Can be risky. But, if your guy can't wait, just roll with it!! Enjoy. Get on the pill of course.


Me and my boyfriend used that method and I never got pregnant until I told him I wanted a baby.


The chances of getting pregnant with the pull-out method, while not as high as using no method at all, are still pretty high. There can easily be sperm remaining in the urethra or within pre-ejaculate that still make their way into the vagina before a man actually ejaculates. And, of course, it only takes one sperm to get you pregnant.


A teenager that knows what happens, what STD they can get or that the only method to really prevent pregnancy is not having it, but if they do that the "pull out" method is not really birth control and that birth control is really only 99.9% effective, so it still can happen.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant with the pull out method?
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