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Have you known anyone to get pregnant with an IUD

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Yes! Just yesterday I was talking to my little cousins' mom Cecilia. She is 4 months pregnant, she got pregnant with the IUD still in her. She even said they still haven't removed the IUD yet. She is super sick because the IUD is making her sick yet the still haven't removed it. I hope they help her soon so it doesn't harm her or the baby anymore than it has already.


Absolutely! I think several moms on here have actually gotten pregnant with an IUD. Then you have to concern yourself with REMOVING and IUD while pregnant which can be tricky business. I think it just goes to show that no birth control is 100% effective. Anytime you have sex, you risk becoming pregnant, even with an IUD, which I have heard often bring up other complications as well.

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Have you known anyone to get pregnant with an IUD
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