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Getting baby to sleep at night instead of day: helpful tips

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Let your child know from the beginning what day and night means. So when you start the day open the curtains and brighten up the room.

But when it comes to sleep time at night there are some things you should keep in mind...

* have the last feeding in the dimmed (night light) room.

* no more talking (especially when they wake up at night)

* just do what is necessary to get your child back to sleep (nursing, change diaper, some love..)


Luckily I never had a problem with my babies getting their days and nights confused. I think it was because I had a solid bedtime routine set up, though. Before they're last bottle I would bathe and lotion them and go in a dim lighted room

to nurse or feed them. I would also have the sound machine going for ambience.

When they would wake up at night for a feeding, I would only turn a low light to change and feed them.

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Getting baby to sleep at night instead of day: helpful tips
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