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Stories of getting pregnant before period after birth

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It is important to remember that you will ovulate BEFORE you get your first period so if you had unprotected sex you could get pregnant.


I have known a lot of women to think that they can't get pregnant until after they have their first period after childbirth. I was surprised to know that many women think it is the period that is important, not the ovulation.

Since ovulation happens BEFORE your period, you CAN get pregnant again before your first period after childbirth!


With Hayden, I now knew I might get pregnant while breastfeeding and without my cycle returning.

We talked about me trying to wean Audrey so that I would get my cycle back and would hopefully be able to get pregnant again. I went away for 5 days for work and when I got back Audrey still wouldn't wean so we kinda gave up on the idea.... but apparently those 5 days were enough to re-start ovulation because a month later I tested positive again!

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Stories of getting pregnant before period after birth
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