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Tips for giving baby cereal for the first time

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I started my son on baby cereal first. I would mix a little bit of his formula with the cereal until it was thin and soupy. I'd use a spoon and put a small amount on the tip of it and touch that to his bottom lip. When he would open up his mouth, I'd gently put the cereal in and encourage him to taste it. Playing with him while doing all this was fun... like airplane with the spoon or making the motions of eating with him.


Most of the cereal will end up on you, the baby, the dog and the floor. Don't expect it to be a meal, treat it more as an experience. That's what it is! There's little nutritional value in these feedings but they do begin to learn how to work the jaw, tongue and throat muscles with this new way of eating. It will take many feedings before they get the hang of it, unless of course you have a baby who learns faster than average in regards to this skill.

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Tips for giving baby cereal for the first time
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