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Giving up children for adoption- thoughts?

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I will be giving my child up for adoption once he/she is born. It was a decision between the dad and I. We made this decision because we love our baby so much and can't provide a life he/she needs and deserves. It was the hardest decision to make and actually handing my baby over will be super hard to do. But in our hearts we know it's the right thing to do. Anyone who chooses adoption for their child is an amazing person. It's the most selfless thing to do.


My hubby and three of his 6 siblings were adopted by the same family, which had eleven grown kids already. We want to adopt. I have since I was sixteen. If you have it in your heart to adopt a child or children, I believe you are the perfect fit for that child. I hope I made sense.

I know that I can love my future adopted children as my own because I have nieces and nephews that aren't biologically related, some are adopted, some through marriage and both, and I love them all the same. Sure, I have some fears about adoption but I am placing it in the hands of God. We are thinking about a toddler boy so my preteen can have her own room, but we have also discussed older children since they are rarely adopted and just adding onto the house. We hope all goes well when the time comes. :)

Adoption isn't for everyone, I know. It is a commitment, just like having a biological child is. You cannot give the child back like you would a pet you've adopted. It is a permanent commitment.


abandonment should be a felony not a misdemeanor. that kids going to spend his whole life feeling like his real parents and his adoptive parents didn't want him and probably that he's not good enough for anyone.


On the flip side, adoption has made some of my friends have much more fulfilling lives for having been adopted or for adopting children to have their own families.

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Giving up children for adoption- thoughts?
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