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Making the medicine go down: my baby doesn't want to take it

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We tried putting the medicine in a baby food jar and feeding her the medicine from a spoon and it worked! She took the whole dose of medicine happily with no crying or fighting and she swallowed every drop.


if you are talking about OTC medications, you may be able to try different brands or formulations.

My daughter hates all pain relievers EXCEPT dye-free CVS generic ibuprofen--that she takes without issue. We've tried name brands, and even CVS generic with dye, and she refuses them. I'm glad we found a version that works, and maybe if you fall into this situation, you can too.


The best thing we did was this.... squeeze the cheeks a bit, push the syringe deep into the cheek pocket and insert medicine. A little at a time is best so you aren't wasting it all if it doesn't work and you can get an idea of how much they aren't getting if they spit it out. After you insert the medicine, gently rub their neck/cheek as this will induce a swallow.

Giving a drink when done


When giving your child medicine or vitamins (in my case), squeeze their cheeks gently then give a little bit of meds or vitamins from dropper, allow them to swallow it. Squeezing their cheeks while giving it to them helps so they do swallow it with less chance of spit up.

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Making the medicine go down: my baby doesn't want to take it
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