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What fruit to try first for babies?

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For us, we're keeping to veggies mainly. But, a very good first fruit would be bananas. They're the most easy food to digest for anyone. Apples and pears are always good too! Lucas loves all of them and bananas even help with his tummy and going to the bathroom a little easier too


I would think the top three fruits to have babies try would be

1. bananas

2. pears

3. peaches


We do baby led weaning here, so their first fruits were always avocado and banana. I know pears and peaches are pretty common as well!


First fruit to try for babies up to 6 months is bananas, pears and apples.

Then for babies 6-8 months you can also try apricots, nectarines, peaches & plums.

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What fruit to try first for babies?
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