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How to prevent hair loss after delivery

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In general, it's pretty much impossible to prevent the hair loss associated with having a baby. During pregnancy, the hormones your body is creating greatly limits hair loss, and once those hormones stop your hair has to do some catch up. It may seem like ALL of your hair is falling out, but it's not! The hair loss will return to normal around 8 months post partum, sometimes as long as 12.


Unless you have a nutrient deficiency, I don't think there is a way to prevent hair loss after delivery because your hair goes into a resting phase during pregnancy and once you have your baby your hair goes back into a growing phase and you start to lose your hair. I lost lots of hair with each one of my babies 4-6 months postpartum. The first few I thought for sure I was going bald but I didn't and it's a good thing my hair started out thick because it really thinned out.

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How to prevent hair loss after delivery
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