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Do a happy baby have better parents?

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I think happy babies or grumpy babies can have good or bad parents. If you're a good parent and have them fed and fresh diapers and they're still grumpy, then that's just a grumpy baby. If you do that and your kid is happy, then great! A happy baby can have average or 'bad' parents too, though I think it might be less common and I hate to say anyone is a 'bad' parent. Personally, I think it's just the babies personality.


As a mom of two VERY happy babies... and one VERY not happy baby, I have to say your baby's happiness doesn't reflect your skill as parents. While I think babies can't be super super happy without good parents, they can most certainly be super unhappy and still have great parents.


every week at Church everyone compliments Charlie about how happy he is.

Don't get me wrong, I have really lucked out with Charlie. But as he's growing he's getting a bit more fussy and has a longer list that I go through to make him happy again. Don't ever feel like you aren't a good parent because you're baby isn't happy all the time. Be close to your baby, spend as much time as you can with him and you will learn what makes him happy.

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Do a happy baby have better parents?
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