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I never raise my voice with the kids, I let them know what I expect of them and how I want them to behave, I have always been like this and have got the respect from the kids this way. It's very easy for me to talk to the kids and let them know how they are doing, I love being a mom and I think I'm pretty easy to get along with.


Im super strict according to every one I know. My kids have chores, limited tv time, and also have to do mommy homework. I also make them speak correctly dont tell yea you get in trouble you must say yes.


I am a strict mom...i know it...she knows it, and we're okay with it. I am a big firm believer and letting a child know where her boundaries are and what happens if she steps out of those boundaries. House rules aren't unreasonable but they are enforced, such as "no running" "no playing ball" etc.

I am not her friend, i will be friendly to her and i will play with her that is apart of parenting but when i say no to something and explain why the no is there then that no is final.


My hubby is more the disciplinarian. I am more of the softy and understanding one.

I have much more patience than he does though.

I try to hold it together when he has to get shots, his blood drawn, and other things that make him cry.


I would say.. I'm both. I am the fun mom, silly, loves to play around, have movie nights, game nights, ice cream sundae sleepovers!

But, I think to be respected you need some rules. You can't just let he/she run wild.


I think I'm not a hard mom nor a soft one. My daughter knows what's acceptable and what's not.

She knows the look and it's all that see needs at the moment. I'm sure when she's older she'll test her boundaries but I'll put her in check.


I am a little bit of both I. am hard on them when they are really doing something they should not be doing

being the soft part some of the time let them get away with easy things when I know that the issue was not that bad


She has come home everyday this week with scribbled papers and sloppy hand writing.Her punishment, she is now sitting at my kitchen table with a coloring book. She is writing her name at the top of each picture she colors, and she is practicing her coloring.

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Are you a hard or soft mom?
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