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33 years old mom: should I have a baby now or wait?

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Here's the thing about having children older.. you may be in great health but your risks of the baby having any kind of neural tube defects is greatly increased because of the fact that your eggs are older, unlike males whose sperm goes all the way through mitosis and renew themselves frequently women are stuck with the same eggs since puberty. I would say make sure you take folic acid and deff talk to your doctor! I'm not trying to deter you or say something would happen to your baby at all..just some food for thought :)


I had my son at 32. I know that I want more, too. No, 33 is not too old to have a child. I would talk to your health care provider as well. Even someone younger can be a high risk as well.

I do not regret having my son at this age, nor will I regret having more after 32. :)


If you are 33 and thinking if its a good time to have a child, think about the pros and cons and is that what you and your partner want. 33 years old is not too old to have a child you can wait if you wanted to, after 35 they say you are a higher risk, with Preeclampsia.


I think it totally depends on your life and situation whether you should have a baby at 33. If you think you're ready, go for it! If you're not quite ready, but you want kids... You may be able to wait a while, but may want to consult a doctor. There can be tougher chances and higher risks with getting pregnant past a certain age, so a consult may be helpful. All in all, I think it's up to you, though!


I know that things happen biologically and psychologically when we turn 30-35 but, if you're not in a place where you WANT a baby and are stable enough for a baby, there is no harm in waiting. You could always consult your doctor to see if you should wait or go a head, but basically as long as you're sure and you're ready - Go for it!


i got pregnant with my one and only at 31, had her after i turned 32. best decision i ever made, waiting on having her.


I know once we hit the 30 mark, all the pressure comes down. But I honestly think no one should have a baby out of any kind of pressure! If you're in a good place, with a good partner, and it fits, then WHY NOT! But if life's a mess and you're just worried that 33 is pushing it, I would just wait another 6mo-12mo and reassess then.


For natural birth to deliver a baby you may have 'Hard labor' because of old age


I have my little boy when I was 34 years old. My mom had me when she was 33 years old. If anyone could control when to have a baby, by all means, plan that according to your "schedule". The reality is, not everyone is "lucky enough" to have that control.

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33 years old mom: should I have a baby now or wait?
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