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What should I do to get pregnant on the first try?

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#1 was a complete surprise, not trying at all.

#2, I stopped using the patch and was pregnant that week.

#3, It took about 3 months, but we weren't together often, so we didn't always get the timing right.

#4 happened on the first try, also a week after stopping BC (pills this time)


I used Fertilitea which has Chasteberry (Vitex) and it worked like a charm! After three+ years of trying to get pregnant without any help, I was pregnant the first month I used it. That month I also used soy isoflavones ($5 for a whole bottle at Walmart, marketed as a menopause pill.) for cycle days 1-5, and Evening Primrose Oil until ovulation. Plus a bunch of normal types of vitamins.


First step is to go to the doctor and have a check up. Make sure your body is healthy enough for pregnancy, and if it's not, give yourself time to get there. The second step is to change things about your lifestyle that could make getting pregnant hard, for example start taking vitamins, if you're on medications for something - talk to the doctor to see if it's the safest option for a pregnancy. Third step is to get down to it! Do the baby dance every other day or so to have the best odds of conception. You will only conceive once you have ovulated, but if you're having sex every other day - you should have no issues hitting those days.


My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months now, and still no luck. I feel like we have tried everything.


Being fertile has everything to do with what you put into your body. A. GREAT book to read that explains everything incredibly is "beautiful Babies" by Kristen Michaelis. So...eating the way our ancestors did (lots of good fats - coconut oil, tallow, lard, butter, olive oil, and cutting out processed and refined foods)


My hubby and I got pregnant with our first really quick. After she was born we chose condoms and spermicide for birth control. When my oldest was about a year and a half old we quit trying to prevent pregnancy and it took another year and a half to get pregnant again.


My best advice is to not stress about it. It'll happen when it's time and what's more fun than trying to make a baby.

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What should I do to get pregnant on the first try?
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