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Reasons to have children later in life

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I can see the benefits of having children later in life... The education (even if from the school of hard knocks), financial security, experience, emotional leveling, and hopefully some self-development. It gives you more time to achieve your own dreams which, of course, include great insights to pass along to children.


As an adult I get what she was trying to say, don't get pregnant when you aren't ready for it, I mean like if I would have gotten pregnant while I was in high school or college I probably wouldn't have finished my degree.

Because I did get to go to college and do some cool stuff as a young adult I can approach that from a different direction, instead of threatening I can show my kids the cool things you can get to do if you make responsible decisions.


I would also love to be able to go back to school and finish my degree in education. Right now, all of my passions are on the back burner. Taking care of my family is more important to me. I do love to curl up to a good book, but I also love reading to my children.


Two of my sisters were teen moms and they lived with my parents until they could afford their own housing. One did go on welfare, if I remember correctly, at least until she found a job to support her and her son. The other one had the help and financial support of my nephews father, but they lived with my parents until their first son was over a year old.

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Reasons to have children later in life
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