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Giving birth via cesarean: share your experience!

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Wow im sorry you had that experience. Everything happens for a reason and a feeling, intuition led you to a better Doctor. Both my girls were born via c-section and my baby will be as well.After having two boys COMPLETELY natural, i became pregnant with my first daughter. I was so excited to finally be having a girl. Well she decided to come a full three months early! I not only had an emergency c-section, but the classical on, so ill never be able to give birth vaginally again. Im glad they saved my daughter because she wasnt breathing ang her cord was wrapped around her neck, but my doctor told me much later that a bikini cut takes the same amount of time. Bad judgement has change my life forever. My daughter was 2lbs 1.5oz when she was born, spent three months in the nic-u. She fought hard to survive and she is my miracle. She is now a sophomore in high school, a straight A student, and a wonderful writer. So in all im just glad i have the privilege of being her mom!!!


My son was born via c-section. I was not prepared for this as the doctor I had up until a week before he was born made no mention of anything being wrong. After a really bad experience in her office the week before my due date, I decided to find a new doctor. The new doctor did tests and told me that there was no way that my son could be born without a c-section. He was too big, I had WAY too much fluid, plus the chord was wrapped around his neck. I was completely unprepared. It may sound silly but we were not registered at the hospital...had taken no birthing classes. The previous doctor had not given me any information on doing those things and I honestly had no idea. The new doctor scheduled the c-section for the next day. I had no idea what to expect and everything was a surprise to me...some good and some NOT good. But I am so thankful for that doctor and I know that he saved me and my son.

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Giving birth via cesarean: share your experience!
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