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Giving birth of a child: your experience

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I had a very excellent experience giving birth in a hospital. It was an all woman staff (as was my normal office visits as well.) Everything felt very smooth, not rushed and I feel like no one else was giving birth lol. I didn't see anyone else, but I heard the babies!!!! I was well looked after and I got to sleep most the night, even though they did keep coming in to check on me. (I was tired anyways I barely noticed and had no idea that one of the visits the doc broke my water lol.) One nurse in particular, Candace, stood out for me. She was my rock (besides David) in helping me push and she was just so nice and I really hope I can get her again with my next baby.


I told my husband I didn't want to do another hospital birth. I wanted something different.I was able to find a birthing center where I could have my little one.The birthing process was something that I was not prepared for it was simply amazing.Overall the experience is something I would do over and over again it was relaxing and very mommy, baby and family focused.

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Giving birth of a child: your experience
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