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What will help with baby constipation

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Poor girl has been constipated all today and yesterday, and her normal daily full-diaper poo has been replaced by pebble-hard-clayish poos that hurt her to get out. Twice today it was big enough to cause her to cause "fractures" and make her bleed a little getting it out...needless to say, I called Dr Christina when I saw that. She explained that it's very normal for this to happen with the switch to whole milk, and to try mixing it with formula, maybe 3/4ths formula 1/4th milk and then slowly trade more milk for less formula until her tummy adjusts. Until it does, do the mixing, give her apple or prune juice to help her pass what's clogged up, maybe a little water, and keep her in a clean diaper with some aloe baby powder to soothe the tiny cuts in her butt

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What will help with baby constipation
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