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Hi there baby: how did you greet your newborn?

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I was crying when Leilani was delivered. I had been hoping and praying the doctors made a mistake and she was alive and healthy. My first words to her were ¨I'm so sorry baby, I tried so hard I love you" of course they were in sobs. With Lianna I was crying happy tears because she was alive!! I told her ¨well hello there little lady. I love you¨


When Anna was born they put her on my chest. I was crying and I told her "I already love you momma's." I was so happy to have a child of my own! With Danny I was crying and so overwhelmed. Anna was in the room with me the whole time. She was so heartbroken.


David cried

It was so cute and he just looked at Lucas and dais 'hi, baby.' So sweet. Me, on the other hand, was a total opposite. They laid him on me to clean and the nurse asked if I wanted to see him and I said no! I didn't want to hold him, touch him or look at him. I was tired of pushing for 2 hours getting his fat head through my legs


As soon as my daughter came out the doctor placed her on my chest.

I said "Your really here, I love you" and I started to tear up a bit and sang softly to her while stroking her cheeks. This was the best day of my life!


Neither of us knew what to say...sure, we'd known I was pregnant, that there was a baby in there. We'd seen her ultrasounds, felt her kicks...but seeing the actual baby, right there in my arms, it was stunning...Trevor just kinda went "Hi...nina..." and I said "Hello, sweetie..." and we went back and forth from speechlessness to Holy Crap we have a baby!

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Hi there baby: how did you greet your newborn?
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