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What is considered a high fever in a toddler

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I think 103 or higher is a high fever for a toddler . They handle higher fevers easier than adults do . My kids have had them in the past . Usually the higher fevers happen when they have something going on that requires some medication from the doctor like an ear infection or something like that . Not always though but usually, at least for us . The lower fevers are usually just caused from a virus and don't usually go as high . If it is over 102 for more than 3 days they should be seen by a doctor or if they seem in pain or a lot of discomfort or if the fever wont break with the use of Tylenol or ibuprofen .


the normal temperature in a toddler is 97.8, give or take. However if your toddler fever spikes 99.9, your best bet is to keep them hydrated by giving them Popsicles and keep an eye on them. If their temperature reach 103 - 105, that's considered a high fever in a toddler. This has never happened to my boys but sometimes my boys had a 100 temp.

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What is considered a high fever in a toddler
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