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High fevers in toddlers: how high is too high?

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For a child who is over 2 years old a child should be seen if the fever is 104 degrees or higher. For a 1-2 year old it's more about how the child is acting. If they seem very uncomfortable or lethargic you should bring them in as soon as possible. Especially if the won't stop crying/whining no matter how much you comfort them. If a fever lasts more then 48 hours at this age then you should see a doctor as well.

FYI, doctors classify a fever as being over 100.4 when taken rectally. If you take their temperature under the arm you should just add a degree to figure out the true temperature. Most doctors say not to give fever reducing medicine (like tylenol) unless the rectal temperature is over 101 or the child seems extremely uncomfortable.

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High fevers in toddlers: how high is too high?
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