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Moms, is Christmas still fun for you or is it just stress?

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Christmas for me now is no longer stressful especially for 20 year daughter we get her a gift card and call it a day. With my son he still believes in santa he is 16 again it is his disability. So we get him some things from santa. cause he has everything. Then we get he some things. I use to be stress but i figured if they get stuff for there birthday what else could they possibly want for Christmas. I tell them Santa has to give to kids that are less fortunate they may not understand but you get them to understand.


It's both fun and stressing. The fun part is seeing my kids happy for Christmas and being together as a family. The stressing part is getting everything ready . I have to have everything perfect so it's stressful to me.


I love Christmas it is just a joy in the year! I try to teach my children its not about the gifts its about time with family and they appreciate the things they get and it makes things easy on Santa!


I love Christmas, I always did as a kid. Now that I'm a mom it's become somewhat stressful but I still enjoy it. I love getting the kids gifts and watching them open them on Christmas morning.

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Moms, is Christmas still fun for you or is it just stress?
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