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Holding our baby too much: does no good?

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Mommy's (or Daddy's) arms are baby's home. Baby knows instinctively this is safe, it's needs are met. You are not creating bad habits in baby, because he/she is already hardwired to want/need this. Baby's primitive understanding of the world knows that being held is it's safest bet for survival. You cannot spoil a baby, being held and responding to needs quickly communicates to baby that his/her caregiver can be trusted and bonding occurs.


When a baby is tiny.. there is no way (in my eyes) that you can hold them too much! After being born they just want to be snuggled, loved and held.. which I just don't think is never enough! They want that bond with Mom.. that natural bond of feeling of love after they are born.. and my goodness.. they are only little for so long - hold them as long as you like!!


I love this saying.. you can never spoil a baby. all they need is love, care, and nurturing. I held my boys too much when they were babies and they turned out just fine today.

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Holding our baby too much: does no good?
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