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Home birth: what if I will have complications

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It was hard to find a midwife here in Illinois as Illinois is not very midwife friendly. We interviewed a couple of midwives and we ended up going with one a friend from church recommended. She was just what we needed. She is very laid back, but knowledgeable and experienced. She allowed me to labor the way I wanted to.

Pretty straight forward labor and delivery. I do remember our daughter not responding right away and our midwife had me talk to her and then as I spoke to her she was fine, but I was starting to freak a bit because I was worried I'd have a stillbirth since I'd experienced pretty much everything but a stillbirth and ectopic pregnancy. Thankfully she was fine. She weighed 9 lbs 8 oz.


Your midwife will have equipment to manually resuscitate a baby that is slow to breathe after a spontaneous vaginal birth (straightforward birth).

Any unplanned caesarean is referred to as an 'emergency' but true emergency caesareans are rare. Women who end up needing a caesarean after planning a home birth usually do so after lack of progress in labor, when neither mother nor baby are in immediate danger.

-Looped umbilical cord

This does not prevent the baby from being born vaginally: in most cases the cord is loose enough to be unlooped.

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Home birth: what if I will have complications
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